What’s the Charm of DASH?

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Being born in 2014, DASH enjoys higher anonymity and faster transaction speed than bitcoin. The DASH team has completed a lot of technical upgrades with active cooperation with other companies to promote DASH applications.

DASH used to be known as dark coin because of its high privacy. However, it was used by the pyramid selling organizations to conduct evils, so DASH changed its name. DASH did not spend money on media propaganda, nor some bankers. Many information came from abroad and translated by the supporters in China, so its audiences were not wide enough for big circulation in China.

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After the year of 2017, DASH started to receive widespread attention worldwide, and the price also rose from US$10 to US$300. One of the reasons for the soaring price was that the DASH development team upgraded the DASH block to 2MB after the release of the Version 12.2 of the Dash Core client, and the transaction fee on the network was also reduced to 1/10.


Invisible DASH

DASH owns a lot of highlights. Firstly, it has three ways of account transfer:

  1. First, conventional account transfer like bitcoin;
  2. Second, instant transaction. Transactions can be confirmed within seconds without being confirmed and packaged by mining workers;
  3. Third, anonymous transaction. It cannot be seen from the blockchain that who has got involved in the transaction.

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DASH has also introduced the concept of the Masternode network. Masternodes are complete nodes, but can provide any number of additional services to the network with collaterals (1,000 DASH). With high degree of security, the Masternodes network enables the participants to earn interest with lower currency volatility. As a secondary network, it can provide a certain level of service and in return they will receive additional bonuses.

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Thanks to the DASH reward mechanism, its network masternodes have grown to 4,100 since its release in 2014, which means that the DASH P2P network has become one of the largest networks in the world.


Real Cryptocurrency

In the past, the DASH core team was under the leadership of its founder Evan Duffield, who supervised the development of DASH. The team was a component of DASH DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization). In April 2017, Ryan Taylor was promoted as the new CEO of DASH core team.

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The only founder, Duffield, still intended to promote the growth of DASH. Meanwhile, since the founder was no longer able to directly control the DASH project, it made it possible for DASH to successfully develop in the future.

In June 2018, DASH Core promoted Bob Carroll as the new CTO. Bob Carroll used to serve as the CIO at the University of Phoenix with decades of industry experience.

The entire team owns a high level of skill and focuses on the application of future entities in terms of strategic layout. Today, the DASH services have covered VPN providers, hosts and VPS, business services (marketing/webpage/graphic designs), gift cards, games, online casinos, online stores and so on. In all the aforesaid fields, DASH can be accepted for transaction.

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Participate in DASH Construction

DASH tends to create a mature ecological environment and the scope of influence is constantly expanding. DASH owns its professional ASIC miner Antminer D3Antminer D5 etc., and the income per GH/S at F2pool is 0.00046213 coin in June 2018.

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When Antminer D3 came into being for the first time in 2017, one D3 could mine one DASH every day, equivalent to 2,200 yuan, and the price of D3 therefore skyrocketed to 100,000 to 200,000 yuan/set in China. However, as more and more D3 miners had been produced, the difficulty of DASH mining was also increased, so the mining workers who bought D3 at high price received no gains.

Since the market is in a downturn now, many mining workers worry that they will lose money if they continue mining, so they just wait and see. In fact, why not have a try on DASH, because it’s still a popular cryptocurrency despite the downturn market. As a veteran of the cryptocurrency circle, the value of DASH is still worth being expected in the long run.


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