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Tutorial: FusionSilicon X1 12.5GH Lyra2rev2 Miner

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Tutorial FusionSilicon X1 12.5GH Lyra2rev2 Miner IMG N01

This tutorial is intended for the FusionSilicon X1 which is a Lyra2rev2 miner manufactured by FusionSilicon. The FusionSilicon X1 is a mining machine supporting the Lyra2rev2 algorithm. Theoretically, all coins based on Lyra2rev2 algorithm are supported, such as XVG, MONA, VTC. For Lyra2rev2 mining. Its hashrate is as high as 12.5GH/s, whereas the power consumption is only 1040w.

We will take FusionSilicon X1 as an example to show settings and troubleshootings which apply equally to other FusionSilicon models.

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