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Blockone Fined by SEC, What are the Implications for EOS?

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Blockone Fined by SEC What are the Implications for EOS IMG 00

Let’s talk about EOS’s parent company, Blockone, who spent US$24 million to reach a settlement with the SEC.

After reading relevant lawyer letters and overseas comments, we feel there may still be some doubts existing, for instance, should the EOS which had paid the fines still belong to “security”? What other cryptocurrencies also face the same “risks of being fined”? What’s the impact on the entire blockchain in the future?

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A Bitcoin Miner “Arms Race” Triggered by 7nm Chips

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A Bitcoin Arms Race Triggered by 7nm Chips IMG 00

Since the second half of 2018, the 7nm chips have been mass-produced under the continuous promotion of chip manufacturing processes such as TSMC and other global chip companies.

Almost in the same period, the bitcoin miner with 7nm chip was launched on the market which immediately attracted great attentions due to its improved performance.

The performance of previous generation of miner with 16nm chips seems to be slightly backward in comparison. When facing the challenge of 7nm miner, the 16nm miner will encounter new challenges due to the soaring difficulty of mining resulted from the cheap electricity in the upcoming flood season.

In such a situation, will the 16nm miner be rejected? Does the 7nm miner have absolute advantages? With the technological advancement, will 2019 become the key node for the upgrading of bitcoin miners? All should be seriously considered by all the mining workers.

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The Past Decade of Mining Industry

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The Past Decade of Mining Industry IMG N01

It’s been a decade since the creation of the genesis block on January 4th 2009.

During the decade, along with the ebbs and flows of bitcoin, the mining industry has gone through some ups and downs, and the landscape of the industry has kept changing. The name FriedCat and the term CPU mining have become obsolete with the replacement of Wu Jihan, Bitmain and ASIC mining.

In the course of mining development, there have been many thrilling stories. We’d like to look back and share some of its moments with our reader.

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