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EastShore is a reliable supplier in the mining devices market

We are devoted to providing the best crypto currency mining devices and top-notch customer service

EastShore Mining Devices is a company with EastShore as the registered brand. We are founded in 2013 and based in Shanghai, China, and recently moved to Hangzhou. We are committed to providing latest and various crypto currency mining devices, with upcoming service of providing cloud-mining. We have extensive experience in the field of electronic products manufacturing and worldwide sales. With EastShore, you will enjoy great professionalism and top-notch service.

EastShore the-Bitcoin Network v16
Technical Support

We provide technical support for our customers, no matter you are a beginner, experienced worker or a reseller in the mining field, with EastShore, you are in great hands.  And we provide long-life warranty for our products which is one of our greatest perks.

Low-value Declaration

We can declare shipment with lower value to help save money on customs duties if required which is a practical advantage.

Buyer Protection

With EastShore you enjoy great buyer protection and long-life warranty for your purchase which make us very competitive in the field. Communication, customer support and  after-sale service with us is top-notch.

Our Team

We employ a team that is young, professional, meticulous, happily dedicated, and thirsty for success. Each and every one of us are enthusiastic to be working in our industry. Our team consists of employees with extensive experience working at Google, Alibaba, Baidu, Tecent and other industry leading companies. Furthermore, the majority hold PhD or Master degrees.

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