Tutorial: X11 ASIC Miner PinIdea Dr2 450MH @ 335w Dash Miner

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tutorial for x11 asic miner v3

The PinIdea Dr2 450MH X11 ASIC miner is one of the most powerful dash miners on the current market. The hash speed is 450MH/s and the power consumption is only 335w. In this tutorial, we will introduce the setting-up for this 450MH X11 ASIC miner.

This tutorial applies equally to PinIdea Dr2 and PinIdea Dr3.


Miner Specifications

Brand PinIdea Dr2
Hash Rate 450 MH/s ± 5%
Power Consumption 335W
Cooling 2 x 12038 fan
Network Connection Ethernet
PSU Recommend 750w PSU



First of all, some knowledge about X11 mining algorithm, the currency, and the pools would be useful. You can refer to this link for information in that regard: Dash: The Complete Guide)

You need to choose one of the mining pools and create a mining worker in that pool. Also, it is recommended that you have a look at the “Help” section of your mining pool. Below is some useful information sources for X11 and Dash mining:

In our tutorial, we will use the Coinmine.pl mining pool as our test pool. x11 asic miner eastshore mining pool account


Use the Fastest Mining Pool

IMPORTANT: Please use the fastest pool applicable.

The connecting speed of different pool in different countries may be very different. The connecting speed of the mining pool will have a great influence on the mining speed of the miner. Under undesirable conditions, the miner could have problem getting started. So it is very important to find out the fastest mining pool applicable.

In Windows, use the Ping command to find out the fastest pool.

How to find out the fastest mining pool:

  • Press “Win Key + R“, then a “RUN” box will show.
  • Type “cmd” in the text box and then hit the Enter key on your keyboard.
  • A black box with a flashing cursor will open; this is the Command Prompt.
  • Type “ping” and then hit the Space bar on your keyboard. Then type in the address you’d like to ping and then hit the Enter key on your keyboard. After waiting, you will get the connecting result.
  • For example, use “ping www.coinotron.com” to test the connecting speed to the coinotron pool.

mining pool speed test

  • Test all the pools, choose the pool with the lowest “Average” speed.
  • Then, have a look at the HELP page of the pool to get the “Mining Pool Address” of that pool. Usually, the “Mining Pool Address” is not as the same as the pool URL.
  • For other operating systems, please check here: How to run a ping test?


Check your PSU

  • The miner comes with NO built-in PSU.
  • If you bought the LITEON 750w PSU for the miner from EastShore, please check here for how to set up the PSU (This 750W PSU can ONLY run ONE miner): https://www.eastshoremining.com/tutorial-setting-up-your-bitcoin-mining-power-supply/
  • If you didn’t buy the PSU in EastShore, then A PSU is NEEDED. The PSU should be >= 400w with 6pin x 2 or 8pin x 2.
  • Important: Please use a PSU with sufficent power for the miner. The rated power of your PSU should NOT be lower than 400w. As stated on the product page, the power consumption of the miner is 335w± 5%, so the maximum power consumption of one miner will be around 351.75w (that’s 335w+ 5% = 351.75w). When overclocked, the power consumption of one miner may get to 370w sometimes (the miner comes with an overclocked frequency). Besides, considering the efficiency of your PSU, the 400w PSU for one miner is a reasonable choice.
  • DON’T use two or more PSUs for one miner.
  • Also, we don’t recommend to use one PSU for more than one miner.


Miner Connection

  • For miner configuration, please connect the miner to the same router which your PC is also connected to. (Your PC is just needed for miner configuration)
  • Below is how your miner will look like.

x11 asic miner pic 07

  • There are two fans on the miner. At one end, there are some ports (and ethernet port).

x11 asic miner fan out end

  • For PinIdea Dr2, there are two 8pin ports and an ethernet port.

x11 asic miner the 8pin ports

  • For PinIdea Dr3, the 8PIN ports are on the top of the miner.

The 8pin ports of PinIdea Dr3

  • The two 8pin ports are needed for the PSU connection. The ports are 8pin ports, however, you can also use a 6pin cable to connect this 8pin port. In this case, for PinIdea Dr2, you need to connect your 6pin cable to the right side of that 8pin port on the miner. (Like the following picture showing)

x11 asic miner the 6pin ports closer look

  • For PinIdea Dr3, use the exact ports as indicated in the picture (when the miner is positioned as in the picture)

6pin ports used for PinIdea Dr3

  • 6pin cords connected(PinIdea Dr2).

x11 asic miner 6pin cords connected

  • For PinIdea Dr3:

PSU connected for PinIdea Dr3

  • Insert in the ethernet cord.

x11 asic miner insert internet cord

  • Miner connection DONE.

x11 asic miner all connection done

Mining Guide

  • Make sure you connected the miner properly and power on the PSU.
  • Wait for about 1~3 minutes. (The miner needs about 1~3 minutes to initialize itself). Please DO wait for about 1~3 minutes until the miner initialized itself.
  • Scan out the IP address of your miner: We changed the “Network Protocol” of the miner to “DHCP”, the IP address of the miner will change automatically according to your network environment. So the first thing you need to do is to scan out the IP address of your miner. Check here for how to scan out the IP address of the miner: https://www.eastshoremining.com/how-to-scan-out-the-configuration-ip-address-of-the-miner/
  • Log into the miner configuration page:   Open your internet browser, such as Google Chrome, IE etc. and open the IP address you just scanned out (For example, The username and the password are all “admin

x11 asic miner login form

  • Sometimes, you can’t log into the configuration page at the first time, please just wait for about 1 minute then try to log into the configuration page again.
  • Then, you will see the “Dashboard” of the miner. The dashboard of this X11 miner is similar to that of the Avalon 6 miner.

x11 asic miner dashboard

  • There are some main commands on the left side of the configuration page.

x11 asic miner main commend

  • Click “Pool Configuration” to configure your mining account. You should set all the three “Pool URL” and “Pool worker“.

x11 asic miner miner configure page

  • You should first take a look at the “GETTING STARTED GUIDE” page of your mining pool to find the mining URL of your pool.
  • For example, we tested the miner in the pool CoinMine.pl. According to its GETTING STARTED GUIDE  page, we created the miner “eastshore” in our pool account, and set our pool URL of the miner as:

Pool1 URL: stratum+tcp://mine1.coinmine.pl:6099

Pool1 Worker: eastshore.1

Pool1 Password: 123

x11 asic miner mining account

  • If you have more than one miners, you’d better set different mining workers for different miners. For example, if you have two miners mining together, you could set the three mining workers for the first miner as “eastshore.1”, “eastshore.2”, “eastshore.3”, and set the three mining workers for the 2nd miner as “eastshore.4”, “eastshore.5”, “eastshore.6”. DON’T set all the mining workers as the same.
  • We also suggest you set the three “Pool Url” in the setting page as three different ones. So if one pool is down, the miner will switch to another pool automatically to continue working.
  • If you use CoinMine.pl for mining, you should always use the FULL URL including the port number as the mining URL. That is: Use stratum+tcp://mine1.coinmine.pl:6099 or stratum+tcp://mine1.coinmine.pl:6090 as mining URL. (The “GETTING STARTED GUIDE” page of CoinMine.pl is a little bit misunderstanding  🙂 )
  • For other options on the “Miner Config” page, you don’t need to change them, just keep them as the default value.
  • Then click “Save & Restart” button at the bottom of the “Miner Config” page.

x11 asic miner save configuration

  • Wait for about 5~10 minute, the mining will start automatically.
  • Go to the Dashboard page, you can monitor the mining speed here.

x11 asci miner mining detail

  • And the mining speed chart for every 5 minutes will show as below. (It will update automatically every 5 minutes)

x11 asic miner mining speed page

  • If the mining doesn’t start for a very long time (eg. 15 minutes), and in the Dashboard, the worker shown as “x”, navigate to the “Pool Configuration” page and set the pool configuration again, then click the “Save & Restart” button in the bottom of the page to save changes again. Then the miner will restart again.
  • Sometimes, the miner works perfectly in terms of the hash speed, however, the “Internet Status” on the Dashboard shows as “Unknown” or “Disconnect”, as is in the below picture. This is just an network detection error caused by different network environment. The performance of the product will not be affected.

x11 asci miner network error shown



  • Control the fan speed

Actually, it is NOT recommend to change the fan speed.

The higher speed of the fan will get a cooler mining environment for the miner. On the other hand, lower fan speed may result in a high temperature of the miner. The high temperature may bring damage to the miner.

However, if you do want to lower the fan speed to reduce noise, you can do this by changing the “Fan Speed” level on the “Pool Configuration” page.

x11 asci miner change fan speed

The default value of the fan speed is “LV3“. You can change it to a lower level such as “LV2” . Discretion is required to bring it even lower. And please pay attention to the “Temperature” value on the Dashboard after you changed the fan level. The temperature shown here should not be higher than 50 degrees.

x11 asci miner temperature

  • The “ASIC Status” page: there is an “ASIC Status” page in the dashboard.

x11 asic miner ASIC Status page

The ASIC Status page showing the working details of every single chip. If the color of a chip shown as “Green“, it means there is a successfully accepted share produced by this chip. If the color of a chip shown as “Red“, it means there is a failed share produced by this chip. If the color of a chip shown as “Black“, it means there is NO successfully accepted share or failed share produced by this chip (may be rejected or duplicated share produced).

x11 asci miner asic status detail

So, if a chip is shown as “black” or “Red” color, it does NOT mean this chip is broken or disfunctional.


Test Video from EastShore

Here is a test video for the miner: https://youtu.be/e0E07tfSwSc


Mining Tips

Please pay more attention to the following tips if you are running several miners(<= 10 miners) together:

  • The heat dissipation
    • The positioning of the miners should make sure that the exhausted hot air will not be resucked in by other miners.

x11 asic miner two fans

  • If you connect several miners into one power strip which is connected to the socket on the wall, you need to:
    • Please check the maximum current rating of your power strip.
    • For example, in China, for some of the power strips, the maximum current rating is about 2000w. As the power consumption of the miner is nearly 400w, so it is better to connect less than 6 miners into one power strip. Or the miner might stop working.



For troubles you encounter, please try the following suggestions:

  • Check your home network, the mining pool to make sure all the network are working well.
  • Check if your miner configuration is correct. Usually, you need to set the “POOL URL” on the configuration page as a FULL URL including the port number. Please try to check the “Help” documents of your mining pool.
  • Check if you connected all the two 6pin ports on the miner to your PSU? All the ten 6pin ports are needed for mining.

If above suggestions do not help, please contact EastShore. We are here for you.