Professional Miner Maintenance suggestions from Antminer technicist

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Professional Miner Maintenance suggestions from Antminer technicist

A visit to Antminer after-sale service department: professional suggestions on miner-maintenance from Antminer technicians that help you extend the longevity of your miners.


  1. Original cooling fans are recommended since the quality is guaranteed.
  2. High-speed fans cannot be replaced by low-speed fans, however the low-speed fans can be replaced by the high-speed ones.
  3. Regular dust removal is important. Do not dismantle the miner. Use high-pressure blower to blow the dust backwards at an interval such as one month, depending on the air quality.
  4. Reducing noise will usually require lowering the fan speed which might affect the heat dissipation. Therefore, it’s not recommended. More Antminer models may attempt to try water cooling in the future.
  5. It is not recommended to deal with the Antminer in oil for heat dissipation.
  6. The optimal indoor temperature for miner operation is 20-30℃.
  7. The chip temperature should be controlled at about 70-80℃, overheating may result from the dust accumulation.
  8. As for the issue of low chip temperature, if the miner operation is normal, the fan will run at low speed with less power consumption.
  9. Monitor the miner temperature closely. Pause if some problems occur. The temperature difference of hashboard should be within 10℃.
  10. There are many reasons for hash speed decrease. And HW refers to the hardware error rate, which will result in miner restarting at certain percentage. If the problem occurs frequently, request for maintenance.
  11. The miner can still run even one of the hashboards has been damaged, however, the income will be affected.
  12. When the miner has been used for some time, about 5% of hash speed decrease is acceptable.
  13. Good miner maintenance will greatly prolong the longevity of the product.
  14. Failure of IP detection may result from IP conflict.
  15. Download the firmware from the official website. Be sure to select the correct firmware, otherwise the program may be changed and result in malfunction.
  16. Download the batch software to connect multiple miners to the same computer for configuration.
  17. Unauthorized hashrate change or use of third-party firmware will make warranty invalid.
  18. Because of different algorithms, the specific cryptocurrency can only be mined with specific model of miner.



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