Introduce to the AntRouter R1: Bitcoin Miner with Router Functions

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antrouter r1

After waiting for about one month, finally, we got the AntRouter R1 in stock now! We will publish more picture and more details about AntRouter here. Tutorials will be available soon.



The AntRouter R1 is a wireless networking device containing a bitcoin mining chip.

The R1 is preconfigured to mine on AntPool’s solo mode, meaning that as long as the device is powered, you are competing for a chance to solve a block and win the entire block reward of 25 bitcoins (after deducting the 1% fee).


Main Functions

The AntRouter has many exciting features. Here is a list of those features:

  • Bitcoin Solo Miner: AntRouter R1 was designed to mine in Antpool’s solo mode. If you find a block, you’ll receive around 25 Bitcoins. To get this huge reward, you’ll need to keep your R1 online and work correctly, and you’ll need some luck!
  • General Wireless Router: The AntRouter is also a normal dialing router; it can access the internet via your service provider(ISP) after simple configuration.
  • Mini WiFi Access Point: WiFi Access point device can turn cabled Internet access into wireless, and it is the default operation mode of the R1. Connect your R1 to a router, hub, or any RJ45 port with available internet access, and enjoy your own WiFi access point.
  • High-Speed USB Charger: Using a USB cable, connect your mobile device to the R1 to charge it. Android phones, iPhones, and tablets are supported.
  • Bitcoin Mining Host: Besides mining by itself, R1 is also a mining host that can be connected to several Antminer U3. Your mining power will be significantly increased when you connect a U3 to the R1.


The AntRouter

This is the AntRouter you will receive.

antrouter in the box

After opening the box, you will see the AntRouter.

antrouter r1

antrouter on the box

The AntRouter is a little bit small, the size of AntRouter is about: 8cm x 6cm x 3cm

size of antrouter

Putting the Antminer S7 next to it, it will be like this:

antrouter beside antminer s7

The AntRouter is metal and with a nice feel. We think the metal surface is for heat dissipation purpose.

antrouter metal and nice feel

You can find the logo “AntRouter” on the miner

antrouter logo

There are some signal lights on the one side: “Reset”, “BTC” and “WiFi”. And also a USB charger port, a WAN/LAN port.

front end of antrouter

many functions of antrouter

The other side with the information labels and the jack-plug. You need to insert the jack-plug into the socket on the wall for the power-up.

back end of antrouter

jack-plug of antrouter

The jack-plug of AntRouter is Chinese stander, so we will send you a universal plug adapter for free.

antrouter and plug adapter

In practical use, you need to insert the AntRouter into the plug adapter, and then insert the plug adapter into your socket on the wall. (You maybe need to change the plug adapter before using it, you will find a detailed tutorial for the plug adapter in the box).

universal plug adapter

insert antrouter into plug adapter



Check here for the tutorial:


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