From 7nm chips to mining TV — new landscape of mining hardware Market

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New generation bitcoin mining machine Market

In the past few years, the industry of cryptocurrency hardware manufacturing has been developing rapidly. A large number of new manufacturers have been stepped into the field, such as GMO Group, Halong Mining, Ebang and so on. In addition, another new player, Innosilicon,  is working with Samsung’s semiconductor substitutes factory. Innosilicon launched the Terminator 2 Turbo miner, which has a hashrate of 24TH/s.


Ebit E10

In recent years, the competition in the mining machinery industry has become increasingly fierce, and it takes not too long before older machines get replaced by newer models with better chips and higher hash rate. For example, the manufacturer Ebang’s new model Ebit E10 miner, is equiped with 10-nanometer chips developed by the company independently. The Ebit E10 miner is designed for SHA-256 algorithm currencies. The E10 model, with a computing power of 18 TH/s, outperformed its counterparts at the time in terms of performance alone. In addition, its energy consumption is reduced to as low as 1650 watts. The model has been very popular and went out of stock quite often.

Ebit E10 Sold Out


DragonMint T1

A mysterious company Halong Mining, which was created by Bitcoin developer BtcDrak,  announced their first miner named the DragonMint 16T. It is alledgedly equipped with 10-nanometer chips developed  by Samsung. So far, it shows that the mines have been sold out on the company’s website.

DragonMint T1


Terminator 2 Turbo miner

Innosilicon has also developed a SHA-256 ASIC miner with higher hash rate of 24Th/s, which uses Samsung’s low-power semiconductor technology. Earlier, it was rumored that the company was shipping Terminator 2 to the United States in four containers, with Blockstream, a Bitcoin technology company, as the recipient.

This company claims many mining workers are their users of Terminator 2. The latest upgraded version, T2-Turbo, has increased its hash rate to 24TH/s. Under the low-power comsumption mode, the minimal energy consumption of the machine is as low as 75 WATTS / TH, which is 30% less than that of its competitors on the market.

Terminator 2 Turbo miner


B3 miner of GMO Group

Although 24TH/s sounds powerful, the competition does not stop there.

Last month, GMO Group announced the B3 miner with a even higher hashrate of 33TH/s. In addition, the company’s 7-nanometer chip has been developed and is expected to enter the mass production phase in the fourth quarter of this year.

B3 miner of GMO Group


Canaan’s new mining machine

Recently, Canaan held a conferene with the topic of the world’s first 7-nanometer chip production.

The mining machine manufacturer from Hangzhou launched four new mining machines at the conference. The AvalonMiner A9 is a bitcoin mining machine equipped with 7-nanometer chips. The total computing power is 26.5T to 30T, and the power consumption is 1720watt.

AvalonMiner A9 Bitcoin Miner

More noteworthy is that there are two home mining appliances showing up on the conference: block chain TV sets and heaters. Mining with idle electrical appliances isn’t a novel idea in the field of mining, as ideally such devices can effectively cut energy waste. Yet we are happy to see it becomes reality. Canaan has taken the lead in this area, which is indeed is a breakthrough.

block chain TV from Canaan


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