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How Many People are Possessing Cryptocurrencies?

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How Many People are Possessing Cryptocurrencies 01

Not long ago, the HelloBTC issued a statement saying that 2% of the world’s people really understand the blockchain. According to the total population of 7 billion in the world, is there really 140 million people get involved in cryptocurrency and blockchain?

Now, we’d like to roughly estimate how many cryptocurrency participants in the blockchain industry based on the data analysis.

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The Ultimate Introduction for Bitcoin ETF

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The Ultimate Introduction for Bitcoin ETF 02

Some time ago, the US SEC announced that Bitwise’s proposal to list the Bitcoin ETF in the NYSE Arca was rejected because it did not meet the legal requirements of “preventing market manipulation and other illegal activities.”

Although we have introduced the enchantment of Bitcoin ETF before, what exactly is ETF and what is Bitcoin ETF? It’s still confusing, so let’s talk about the ETF today.

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What is Cryptocurrency Market Depth?

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When we choose a platform for cryptocurrency trading, the first thing we need to consider is the security and market depth. Generally speaking, the top trading platforms in the world can meet all the two features, namely good security and market depth.

Needless to say, the security is easy to understand. How about the market depth? How to measure the market depth? Let’s have a discussion on it in this article.

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Blockone Fined by SEC, What are the Implications for EOS?

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Let’s talk about EOS’s parent company, Blockone, who spent US$24 million to reach a settlement with the SEC.

After reading relevant lawyer letters and overseas comments, we feel there may still be some doubts existing, for instance, should the EOS which had paid the fines still belong to “security”? What other cryptocurrencies also face the same “risks of being fined”? What’s the impact on the entire blockchain in the future?

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