What Cryptocurrencies Can I Mine with My Computer?

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As we all know that the era of mining bitcoin with PC has gone. As the mining has got more and more difficult, the workers using PC for mining has been unable to compete with those using professional miners (AISC miner).

If you are interested in mining some altcoins with your idle PC, then you need to read this article very carefully. Nowadays there are still some cryptocurrencies which can be mined with PCs and the most popular three are introduced as follows.

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Monero official site: https://www.getmonero.org/

Monero is outstanding among many altcoins because it’s known as the most advanced private cryptocurrency among the cryptocurrency market. It’s based on a PoW (Proof of Work) algorithm called CryptoNight, which has specific specifications to affect the efficiency of mining Monero with ASIC hardware. In other words, it is relatively easier to mine Monero with PC hardware.

The operation to mine Monero with PC is also very simple, just download the mining software from the Internet, then install it before starting. Monero mining on PC mainly depends on the computing capability of CPU. If you want to increase currency output, it’s recommended to add a GPU to improve the hashrate and obviously increase the computing capability for higher currency output.

As for the selection of GPU, AMD is the most suitable one for Monero mining, NVIDIA is also good except for its cost performance. Here we’d like to recommend AMD RX480, RX580 and RX 390X which have very good cost performance. For the rich who wants to maximize the hashrate, it’s recommended to directly purchase AMD processor Thread Ripper with AMD Radeon PRO SSG, which may cost as much as 65,000 yuan. Because AMD itself is 16-core and 32-thread with rich resources, when it’s equipped with SSG, it will own the most outstanding hashrate with the most powerful solid-state 2T SSD GP, even the PC is fully busy with mining, watching a 4K movie is also a piece of cake.

For the selection of mining software, it’s recommended to adopt MultiMiner and GUIminer, which will help to improve the efficiency of PC mining. And don’t forget to download the desktop wallet from the Monero official website for the sake of safe storage of coins.


Dogecoin (DOGE)

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Dogecoin official site: https://dogecoin.com/

DOGE is a kind of altcoin which has been made into a variety of cute emoji packages by netizens. DOGE can also be mined on PC, but the workers need to download the desktop wallet from its official website. Remember to encrypt your wallet to prevent all the coins being stolen by hackers.

You can only use the CPU to mine DOGE. However, for the sake of output and income, it’s recommended to install a GPU. In terms of DOGE mining, the performance of AMD is slightly better than that of NVIDIA. But if you have a NVIDIA card in hand, don’t spend extra money on a new video card since we originally intended to mine with our idle PCs.

To mine DOGE with GPU, the best software includes CGminerCudaMiner and GUIminer. If mining with only CPU without extra GPU, it’s recommended to use CPUMiner. All the software can be downloaded from Internet for free. If you want to pursue more stable income and rewards, you’d better join some mining pools, for instance the multipool in the United States which is worth recommending.



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Vertcoin official site: https://vertcoin.org/

Vertcoin is a relatively new altcoin in the cryptocurrency market which has become increasingly popular in the past years. Although it also adopts the PoW (Proof of Work) algorithm, it is designed as an algorithm for resisting ASIC mining. The official Vertcoin team refused mining with professional mining hardware such as ASIC hardware for the purpose of decentralization.

The Vertcoin team recently released a one-click mining software for the workers who use the CPU and GPU for mining on PCs. After downloading and installing this mining software, they only need to select a mining pool based on the hashrate of their own PCs. Normally, they can conduct one-click mining without extra operations. If they have only 2 video cards or less for mining, they should choose Network 2 while those with relatively big hashrate should choose Network 1 (if they PCs have multiple video cards or CPUs).

After all the aforesaid operations, submit the hardware for mining, whether it is CPU or video card. Please remember that the Vertcoin mining only supports AMD and NVIDIA video cards.



With suitable hardware and software, it is fully feasible to mine altcoins on PCs. However, for the sake of hardware safety, some rules should be followed.

  • Laptops are not suitable for mining because of the poor heat dissipation. In addition, it is recommended to add an extra fan to the PC for better heat dissipation and stability.

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  • To run multiple video cards during the mining, it is recommended to purchase additional fans.
  • Make sure to update the mining software, wallet and even the mining pools in time and focus on the latest news all the time, which will help to protect your PC from any threats and improve the mining efficiency to some extent.


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