Most Suitable Nvidia Graphics Cards for Mining in 2019

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Most Suitable Nvidia Graphics Cards for Mining in 2019 IMG N01

The last article introduced what we can learn from the model numbers of graphics cards. Since 2017, the cryptocurrency market has undergone earth-shaking changes, such as new currencies, new algorithms and the markets changing from bull to bear, but more importantly, it’s the new graphics cards appearing in the market.

This article will introduce the five Nvidia graphics cards launched in 2018-2019 which are most suitable for mining with the best cost performance.


RTX 2080 Ti

Most Suitable Nvidia Graphics Cards for Mining in 2019 IMG 05

EastShore Comments: Best choice for the rich and those who never care about the budget. 2080TI is the flagship product for Nvidia enthusiasts and, of course, the price is also skyrocketing.

Price 10k-13k yuan
Daily estimated return 9.3 yuan
Power consumption 160w – 220w
Best mining algorithm Ethash, C29, X16R, MTP
Hashrate C29: 9.5 GH/s.

X16R: 38 MH/s.

MTP: 4.3 MH/s.

The difference between RTX and GTX series is that RTX supports real-time ray tracing technology.

As the most powerful GPU in the RTX series, the biggest disadvantage of 2080TI is its price (ignored by the rich). The price once fell to around 7,000 yuan, but the inventory at this price level was very limited because it’s the top-level game card.

Such an expensive graphics card will certainly make the cycle of return even longer. At this price level, it may take several years for cost recovery.

However, if you have enough money to burn, you can just ignore all the aforesaid directly. When the electricity charge is around 0.65 yuan, your daily net income excluding electricity charges will reach 54 yuan if you have six 2080TI graphics cards.


RTX 2070

Most Suitable Nvidia Graphics Cards for Mining in 2019 IMG 04

EastShore Comments: The rookie of graphics cards. RTX 2070 can be known as the 1070 in 20 series, but it has better performance than that of 1080.

Price 4k-5k yuan
Daily estimated return 5.4 yuan
Power consumption 120w – 150w
Best mining algorithm Ethash, C29, X16R, MTP
Hashrate C29: 6 GH/s.

X16R: 24 MH/s.

MTP: 2.6 MH/s.

In terms of mining efficiency and cost performance, the 2070 should be the strongest at present. When it comes to the power consumption and hashrate, it’s also better than that of 1080.

Indeed, it would be cheaper to buy a second-hand 1080 now, and the return cycle is relatively shorter. However, in terms of the resale values, the 1080 will be far inferior to 2070. Imagine investing on a second-hand 1080, how much can it be resold? Secondly, if the next round of bull market appears again, 2070 and 1660TI (to be explained later) will be the two models most favored by mining workers in the market. Those who once experienced the situation from December 2017 to January 2018 should know the amazing price skyrocketing and short supply in the market then. Imagine that you have mined with a graphics card for more than one year and sell it at a higher price, it’s super value!


GTX 1080Ti

Most Suitable Nvidia Graphics Cards for Mining in 2019 IMG 03

EastShore Comments: Fall of former tycoon. The price of 1080Ti may skyrocket because of shutdown of production.

Price 4k-5k yuan
Daily estimated return 6.2 yuan
Power consumption 150w – 200w
Best mining algorithm C29, C31, X16R, MTP
Hashrate C29: 6.3 GH/s.

X16R: 29 MH/s.

MTP: 1.9 MH/s.

The GTX 1080Ti used to be the most powerful one under the Pascal architecture and its mining capability was once incomparable.

However, all the good things are always doomed to be terminated.

  • Firstly, the production of GTX 1080Ti has been shut down and now the RTX series has also been launched, which pushes the price of graphics cards to rise. At present, even in the second-hand market, it is particularly difficult to find 1080 lower than 2,500 yuan.
  • Secondly, it’s the power consumption. Unless you have cheap electricity available, otherwise it’s recommended to choose 2070 instead of 1080. Although it seems that 1080 can make 1.2 yuan more per day than 2070, but that is in the case of electricity charge at only 0.65 yuan.
  • Finally, it’s the resale value. As it has been said, RTX will have a better resale value than the GTX graphics card.

But if you can buy 1080Ti less than 2070 yuan with preferable electricity price, then 1080ti might be your better choice.


GTX 1660Ti

Most Suitable Nvidia Graphics Cards for Mining in 2019 IMG 01

EastShore Comments: The Power King. Only 90W at full load.

Price 1.7k-1.2k yuan
Daily estimated return 3.6 yuan
Power consumption 90w
Best mining algorithm C29, X16R, MTP
Hashrate C29: 3.4 GH/s.

X16R: 16 MH/s.

MTP: 1.8 MH/s.

The return cycle is determined by two factors: the hardware price; the power consumption and electricity. As we all know that the mining industry will consume a lot of electricity. As for most graphics cards, low power consumption often means low hashrate and vice versa. However, the 1660Ti is a very special one. Compared with the 1070, in the case of the same hashrate, the 1660Ti can achieve 40W lower power than the 1070.

How to understand that? The 1660Ti can remain profitable during the mining process until the electricity price rises to 1.35 yuan per kWh, while the 1070 can only remain profitable not more than 1 yuan per kWh. If the electricity price continues to rise, it will make no profits at all.

It may not be a big case right now, but for a hundred cards or even a thousand, it would be very terrible. And the price of 1660Ti is only about 2,000 yuan, which is very reasonable currently.

In summary, 1660Ti will become a very popular mining graphics card in the bull market.


GTX 1070

Most Suitable Nvidia Graphics Cards for Mining in 2019 IMG 02

EastShore Comments: Recharge for faith. As the card of beliefs for most mining workers, it will live forever in their memories.

Price 2.2k-2.8k yuan
Daily estimated return 3.6 yuan
Power consumption 110w – 130w
Best mining algorithm C29, X16R, MTP
Hashrate C29: 4.0 GH/s.

X16R: 17 MH/s.

MTP: 1.8 MH/s.

For those who can’t afford GTX 1080Ti but want to buy more 1060, the 1070 is probably the best choice. It will be still very cost-effective if they can buy it less than 1,300 yuan.

As it’s mentioned above, the 1660Ti has lower power consumption and better handover value. However, if you can enjoy very cheap electricity, you can buy 1070 in large quantities since the cost performance is very good.



So, some people may ask which one is the most worthwhile indeed?

Let’s assume the electricity fee as 0.65 yuan. Return period is shown in the following table.

Models Return period
RTX 2080 TI 4 years
RTX 2070 3 years
GTX 1080 TI 3.5 years
GTX 1660 TI 2.7 years
GTX 1070 2.8 years

Although this return period seems to be quite silly, it should be noted that the mining is a long-term investment. Those who insist on will certain have gains.



  • Exchange rate(2019-5-25): 1  U.S dollar(USD) = 6.8997 China Yuan(CNY)
  • Photo Credit: Nvidia



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