Comparison of Different Bitcoin Miners

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bitcoin miner performance

When one decides to start bitcoin mining, which product to choose is an important decision to make.  So we visualized the performance of different models to help you choose.



The following chart is the original data for the most popular miner models (as of September 22, 2015):

Detailed performance rating for all the bitcoin miners IMG N02



Let’s put all the original data into one chart for comparison.

How to do this:

  1. The data are normalized so to be compared in the same graph;
  2. Because the unit of measurement of the data are different, for example, the unit of “Hash Rate” is GH/s, the “power consumption” is “w” and etc. , so we normalized all the data to unit of measurement as “Degree” (the y-axis in the picture), so we can put all the data to a same graph.

bitcoin miner performance



  • Hash Rate: Bigger numbers are better.
  • Power Consumption: Lower numbers are better.
  • Power Efficiency: The power consumption of one-GH/s hash(watt of 1GH/s); Lower numbers are better.
  • Noise: Lower numbers are better.

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