Baikal Mini X11 Miner: Petite Size yet Powerful Hash

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baikal 150MH x11 miner introduction

X11 currencies are gaining more and more popularity.

In addition to previous Ibelink and Pinidea X11 ASIC miners, now we are pleased to present another X11 miner – the BAIKAL MINI X11 miner.

Compared with the size of Ibelink and Pinidea, the BAIKAL mini X11 miner is much smaller, nearly palm-sized, with only 40w of power consumption, yet the hash speed of this miner can get up to 150MH/s.  By contrast, the Ibelink 384MH/s DASH miner, its power consumption goes as high as 700w.



The BAIKAL team has been keeping a low profile. The head of the team says since as early as 2013 when graphic cards were used for mining,  they have been involved in the industry, experiencing the ups and downs of the industry and have been gradually expanding their team.

Through constant exploration of the FPGA, they successively developed mining machines for algorithms such as LTC and DASH. But due to a variety of reasons, in early stages, they didn’t promote their products vastly. And this time, for the release of miners for BAIKAL X11 algorithm, even thought they still kept a low profile, the product is more known.

The BAIKAL Mini chips are of 40 nm, to achieve a hash speed of 150 mh/s,  4 chips are required.


Miner Specifications

Brand Baikal Mini X11 Miner
Hash Rate 150 MH/s ± 5%
Power Consumption 40w
Fan 1 x fan (7cm x 7cm)
PSU  NO integrated PSU, need a 12V5A switch power adapter

with a free “6pin to DC” convert cable, so that you can also use an ATX PSU (>100w with 6pin x 1) for the miner.


Product displaying

  • This is how you will receive the miner from EastShore.

baikal 150MH x11 miner in the box

  • The miner is set in the foam, meticulously packed, it will be well protected during the delivery.


  • The miner itself.

baikal 150MH x11 asic miner img_02

  • Very small size with a dimension of: 14cm x 10cm x 9cm

baikal 150MH x11 miner size v2

  • Comparison with the PinIdea Dr2 450MH miner:

baikal 150MH x11 miner put beside Pinidea 450MH miner

  • There are acrylic panels on the top and bottom of the miner, and with some copper columns for support.

baikal 150MH x11 miner structure

  • The top of it is a 7cm*7cm fan to dissipate heat.

baikal 150MH x11 asic miner img_04

  • It has a large aluminum heat sink for the heat dissipation.

baikal 150MH x11 asic miner img_00

  • It has an Orange Pi as the controller (The Orange Pi is just like Raspberry Pi, which is an open source single board computer). The Orange Pi  is connected to PCB by GPIOport.

baikal 150MH x11 asic miner img_05

  • The PCB of the miner has separate DC power port and IO switch.

baikal 150MH x11 miner IO and switch

  • In addition, the PCB has ports for input and output, two ports for data.

baikal 150MH x11 asic miner img_07

  • According to the BAIKAL team,  an Orange Pi can take 6 BAIKAL mini x11 Miner work at the same time and reach a total speed of 900MH/s.

baikal 150MH x11 miner IO and switch 6 miners together

  • At the same time, we also noticed that  there are 2 jumper wire terminals on the PCB. According to the BAIKAL team, they are for online firmware upgrade (and usually won’t be needed ).

baikal 150MH x11 miner two jumper

  • The “6pin to DC” convert cable sent for free.

baikal x11 miner 6pin to dc cable

  • For instance, using the 1600w Antminer PSU for the miner (via the 6pin to DC convert cable). Of courser, you can simply use a 12V5A power adapter for the miner.

11baikal x11 miner PSU connect using convert cable


Mining Guide

baikal 150MH x11 miner power consumption test


Performance Test

  • Test screenshot

baikal 150MH x11 miner speed test

  • Speed chart from the mining pool (The 205.61MH hash rate should be measurement error 🙂 )

baikal 150MH x11 miner speed in the pool

  • After long-time operating: the mining speed is very stable (speed line is almost a straight line)

baikal mini 150MH X11 miner long time running

  • Test for power consumption and noise

baikal 150MH x11 miner power consumption test



X11 miner has experienced its ups and downs along with the value fluctuations of DASH coins.

After the 2 previous models of  X11 algorithm miners were released in the DASH’s official BBS,  the release of Baikal miners undoubtedly has drawn a lot of attention.

Predictably, with its mini size, much lower power consumption, and easy settings,  it will be embraced by many DASH mining workers.

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