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What’s Going on with DAG?

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DAG (Directed Acyclic Graph) is a kind of distributed ledger technology different from the mainstream blockchain. Since it can upgrade synchronous accounting to asynchronous accounting, it’s widely believed to solve the high concurrency problem of traditional blockchain as an innovation from capacity to speed. However, is DAG technology really so powerful?

This article aims to introduce the architecture, development trends and typical applications of DAG technology to the readers to provide a new idea on the development of blockchain.

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Evolution of Cryptocurrency Consensus Algorithms

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Consensus algorithm is a hotspot of distributed system research in recent years, and also a core element of blockchain technology. How to understand the importance and evaluation system of consensus algorithms? How to recognize the current mainstream consensus algorithm and the development behind it? What are the trends and obstacles in the development of consensus algorithms?

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Transaction Models of the Blockchain

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From the data structure of blockchain to the decentralization, from hashrate to mining, from consensus to fork, all our readers must have a general understanding of the blockchain now.

However, there’s a topic on which we always hoped to write something, but we hesitated because we worried our understanding might not be comprehensive and thorough enough and make some misleading.

After one month of understanding, we finally have the confidence to share this topic with all. Although this topic is inconspicuous, it is especially important, especially in the field of blockchain. I should say that it has laid the foundation for the entire decentralized application (DAPP) from now to the future, that is , the transaction models of the blockchain.

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