How to reset Antminer

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How to reset Antminer

In this tutorial, we will introduce how to reset Antminer by taking the S9 as an example.  It applies equally to other models of Antminer.

There are three ways to reset Antminers.

1. Reset by pressing the “reset” button on the miner:

How-to: After powering on the machine for 2 minutes, press the “reset” button for 5 seconds, the miner will reset and auto power on in 4 minutes. You may need to rescan the IP address of the miner after reset.

front end of antminer s9

Attention: Press the button when the machine has been working for 2-10 minutes after power on. This way of resetting works for Antminer models except G1 and G2.

Video tutorial: (Take Antminer S5 as an example):

How to reset the Antminer S5

2. Reset on the miner status page

Click Upgrade —>  Perform reset on the configuration page.

Antminer Reset instruction

3. Reset by pressing the IPReporter button (works for S9, T9, T9+)

How-to: Power off the miner, power on the miner and at the same time press IPReporter without releasing, wait for 5 seconds, the miner will restore to factory settings.

Antminer T9P 16nm Bitcoin Miner img 20

Attention: For S9 and T9, after resetting through this way, you need to upgrade the firmware before have it working. Instructions for upgrading firmware: